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Rhineland #1: A Poem for Yom HaShoah

Rhineland #1: A Poem for Yom HaShoah

Yellow raise boots on a wet wooden surface covered in leaves

The air was humid and warm.
It filled the sanctuary and narrow lanes
outside, where children played,
the Rhine nearby.
A thousand years later
children in yellow rubber boots
run through brown and red leaves
on holy sands
in the valley of the rabbis.
They know people died
but nobody tells them about the worlds that were lost. 

Julia Knobloch is a trained journalist. Before joining the Union for Reform Judaism as executive assistant and project manager, she worked as a translator, educator, and a writer and producer for documentaries. She lives in Brooklyn.

Julia Knobloch

Published: 4/11/2018

Categories: Jewish Holidays, Yom HaShoah
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