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Back view of an older man with his arm around a younger man as if consoling him

In September 2018, I had the honor of attending the NYC premiere of the film All About Nina, where I met director Eva Vives and lead actress Mary Elizabeth Winstead. The film was an incredible directorial debut for Vives, and I was captivated by Winstead and her award-worthy performance as a comedian and survivor of sexual assault (inspired by Vives’ own experiences).

Through their powerful, moving film, released during the #MeToo movement, Vives and Winstead inspired me to write about...

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Woman sitting on bed with negative pregnancy test stick in her hand

Recently wed and newly ordained, I moved with my husband Matt to the Bay Area for my first rabbinic position. We knew we didn’t want to have kids right away: with the move to a new city, career changes, and the adoption of a second dog (because why not?), we were in no rush.

At the end of that first year, a clergy colleague had a baby. Around the time of our first anniversary, we began to seriously consider getting started ourselves, when another colleague announced that she, too, was expecting. Ever ones to be late to the party, we decided it was, apparently, time to get crackin...

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Collage of some of the recipes featured in this roundup

Whether you observe seven or eight days of Passover and its dietary restrictions, get ready to indulge in chametz (leavened foods) as it ends. Enjoy some of our favorite breads and desserts for breaking Passover this year – and b’tayavon!

  1. Chocolate Babka: This babka is so easy to make that baking it almost feels like cheating. You can bake the babka in a single loaf or in muffin tins for individual servings – and the leftovers make for...
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Black and white image of Cantor Katie Oringel teaching students outdoors in Israel with only her rainbow kippah appearing in color

An Israeli teen visiting Toronto recently told me, “It is easy to be Jewish in Israel but hard to be Reform. In Canada, it is hard to be Jewish but easy to be Reform.”

I’ve been thinking about that a lot lately.

When I arrived in Toronto 10 years ago, wearing a kippah (head covering) was not part of my practice, nor did it seem to be for most women. I decided the best way to teach young women they could wear one was to begin to do so myself. In time, it became a reminder of the holiness of my work as clergy, from enjoying laser tag with youth group kids to...

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Brightly colored map of Israel with cities labeled

I have very little artistic ability. Throughout my childhood, I tried my hand at photography, drawing, singing, clarinet, dance, and musical theater, but to no avail. Considering all these failed attempts, I was shocked when I finally stumbled upon an outlet as an adult to successfully express my creativity: cooking. I began with simple baked goods and advanced to elaborate meals that involved chopping, flambéing, braising, sautéing, frying, plating, and more.

Not only did cooking serve as my creative outlet, it also became the medium through which I learned about and gained...

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