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A Brief Prayer for Passover

A Brief Prayer for Passover

Moon peering through a closeup of cherry blossom trees

As we gather under the full moon of Nisan, the same moon that our ancestors gathered under for thousands of years in celebration of Passover, may we draw strength from their resilience and the courage to hope. 

May our necks remain flexible enough to turn and take note of that which is miraculous.

May our hearts remain soft enough to know the suffering of human beings everywhere. 

May our hands remain open to receive blessings and extend our gifts with abundant generosity. 

May we grow in wisdom and kindness, not only for our own sake, but for the generations to come.

May we continue to ask questions, never settling for things as they are, always envisioning new possibilities of healing our world. 

And may our lives be a source of blessing. 

To life, l'chaim!

Marita Anderson is a Jewish hospital chaplain, meditation teacher, writer, and parent. She lives in Atlanta with her husband, Rabbi Spike Anderson.

Marita Anderson
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