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A Prayer for All of Today's Front-Line Workers

A Prayer for All of Today's Front-Line Workers

Row of mailboxes

We used to be specific about who we
applied the word hero to.
Our doctors, and firefighting professionals
Our activists, and soldiers
Our law enforcement professionals
and the occasional politician who stuck to their morals.

We sometimes confabulate the words hero and fame
We’re in awe of our rock stars and movie stars
Certain authors get the royal treatment
and in some communities just being the person who tells you the weather
will get you a better seat at dinner.

We never considered the grocery store shelf stocker
the checkout person, the mail carrier
the one who brings us our boxes, often in two days or less.
How about the one who is willing to go into
the store for us, or the restaurant
to gather the things we need, or even just want.

Someone’s bringing me a new TV today because
I wouldn’t dare leave the house.

These people doing these tasks we used to think mundane
are literally, and I’m, literally not one to use the word literally
risking their lives so ours can continue to thrive.
I’d say they are our new heroes
but I think they’ve been our silent heroes this whole time.
Anyone who does anything to keep the world moving
so we are given the confidence to know that the
sun will keep shining on the next new day
is essential.

Blessed are people and everything they do.
Our world goes around on the back of their Torah.

Rick Lupert is a songleader, poet and graphic designer in Los Angeles who has been involved with L.A. poetry since 1990. He created the Poetry Super Highway and has hosted the weekly Cobalt Cafe reading since 1994. He’s authored 21 collections of poetry, including God Wrestler and Donut Famine, and edited A Poet’s Siddur, A Poet’s Haggadah, the Noir anthology The Night Goes on All Night, and Ekphrastia Gone Wild under his imprint Ain’t Got No Press. He is regularly featured at venues throughout Southern California and works as a music teacher and graphic designer for anyone who would like to help pay his mortgage.

Rick Lupert is a Southern California poet, songleader and graphic designer. He is the author of the book God Wrestler: A Poem for Every Torah Portion, along with 22 other collections of poetry. He met his wife at the Reform Jewish Movement’s songleader retreat Hava Nashira Songleading and Music Institute, which he has attended every year since 1996. Rick lives with his wife, 10-year-old son Jude, and five cats (which apparently is more cats than he legally should have). Visit him on the web at

Rick Lupert
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