5 Jewish Stories to Enjoy on "Tell a Fairy Tale Day"

February 8, 2020Kate Bigam Kaput

Judaism has a deep and rich tradition of storytelling, of passing down stories from one generation to the next. To carry on that tradition, Stories We Tell, a weekly podcast from ReformJudaism.org, shares a new story every Thursday to reflect on and discuss with the people in your life

Wednesday, February 26, is Tell a Fairy Tale Day, and Friday, March 20, is Tell a Story Day – both perfect times to start listening to this storytelling podcast, or to re-listen to our top five episodes. Give them a listen, and don’t forget to tune in each week!

1. “Elijah and the Old Man”

One day, while a contented old man is sitting by the river, Elijah sees him and decides to give him one wish. Unsure what to wish for, the man asks his wife and friends for advice but isn’t satisfied with their ideas. What does he finally decide? (Released Oct. 24, 2019)

2. “How to Give a Blessing”

A man grows thirsty, tired, and hungry while wandering the desert, eventually seeking solace and refuge next to a large, shady tree. Rejuvenated, he wants to offer the tree a blessing in return for what the tree has given him – but what blessing can he leave for a tree that is already tall, grounded, and lush? (Released March 22, 2018)

3. “I Made You”

There was a man who, when he said his morning prayers, would add something new to the end every day. "Oh, God, there is so much sickness in the world, why don’t you do something?”" Well… why doesn’t God do something? (Released Dec. 26, 2019)

4. “The Wooden Bowl”

When a wealthy older man decides to retire, he gives his business and home to his son. The son is so grateful, and it shows in his actions. But when he has a son of his own, and grows busier with work, his actions start to change. Does he ever make time for his father again? (Released Feb. 1, 2018)

5. “Banquet in Heaven”

God invited a righteous man to see a preview of the world to come. When he entered a celestial palace, he saw a large banquet table filled with delicious food, but nobody is eating; in another room, he sees the same table piled high with food, but the people around the table are eating and joyous. What happened differently between the two rooms? (Released Feb. 22, 2018)

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