Like Abram Heading North: A Poem

November 4, 2020Edward D. Levin, Ph.D.

Our ancestor Abram, discovered the One.
But finding the Voice, he wasn’t the first.
With Adam admonished, and Noah then versed
And even Enoch was walking with God.

With each generation, we’re seeking the One,
Thou we discover, to purpose our lives.
From ignorant habitat each soul arrives,
To breathe in the purpose filling with God.

Go forward from wasteland to be with the One,
South from the drowning belief in the thrall,
Or north from dry stillness of nothing at all,
Walk with the promise of being with God.

So each generation must journey to One,
As Abram came south to follow the word,
We can walk northward to the promise be heard.
Journey from hinter toward lifetime with God.

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