The Battle Has Begun

March 16, 2011
pollution-earth-coughing-in-sky-tendringdcgovuk1.jpegThe latest round of battles to save our warming planet has begun. Yesterday, the House Energy and Commerce Committee passed The Energy Tax Prevention Act of 2011 (H.R. 910/S.482) and a similar version of the same bill is being added to a Senate bill. This bill would strip the EPA of its ability to regulate greenhouses gases under the Clean Air Act (CAA) and thus would allow polluters to spew unlimited amounts of carbon and other pollution into our air. As momentum is growing to push through this and other similar dirty air bills, it is crucial that Senators and Representative know the impact of such a bill on our fragile environment, and also on our health. The CAA has a strong history of reducing pollution and protecting God's children and God's creation, successfully decreasing the prevalence of acid rain, responding to health threatening smog and ozone problems faced in our major urban areas, and generally improving the air quality of our nation in the decades since its passage. It is only appropriate that the CAA remain available to address any and all air pollution-related challenges that we face. In 2007, the Supreme Court ruled that greenhouse gas emissions, the leading cause of climate change are, in fact, covered under the CAA and must be regulated if found by the EPA to endanger public health or welfare. New CAA regulations and requirements will also ensure that the largest emitters, such as power plants and large factories, use the best available technologies to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and begin to shift to sustainable forms of energy. Take Action and urge your members of Congress to vote against the Energy Tax Prevention Act of 2011 (H.R. 910/S.482) or any bill that would block or delay the EPA's ability to continue to regulate the nation's biggest polluters.

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