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Anat Hoffman


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Israel is a democracy that believes in free speech, but speech has consequences. According to Israeli law, those who incite to racism and violence are prohibited from serving in the Knesset. This principle was enshrined in Israeli law 18 years ago. The law was never applied - until yesterday.

Over the weekend, the Supreme Court published their decision to disqualify the candidacy of Michael Ben Ari, a known Jewish Supremacist, from running for the 21st Knesset. The ruling came in response to our petition against the decision by Israel's Central Election Commission two weeks ago to...

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Author Amos Oz with Israeli activist Anat Hoffman

Amos Oz was a world-renowned Israeli writer, whose work expresses the complexity, the tragedy, and the wonder of Israel. Oz condensed the Ten Commandants into a single commandment, "Don’t Hurt Others!" He then added that if you must, then hurt as little as possible. He was known for his warnings that extremism and violence within Israel would lead to catastrophe. He died with an intact moral compass and a broken heart.

There are great philosophical discussions about the nature of truth, but what of the nature of a lie? That, every child can easily analyze. As a lover of the Hebrew...

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Woman (from the neck down) holding small notepad that says: "We Are Equal!"

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg visited Israel recently to receive the Genesis Lifetime Achievement Award. During her visit, she spoke out against gender segregation and discrimination in Israel at a meeting with women's groups. She likened the gender segregation in Israel to the segregation of African Americans in the U.S., referring to the doctrine of "separate but equal," which was overturned in 1954 by the U.S. Supreme Court in Brown v. Board of Education. It was clear to the Supreme Court in 1954, and is clear to Justice Ginsburg today, that separate but equal never...

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Image of Yosef Kibita a young and smiling black man in a purple kippah

This month, as our partners in the US are mobilizing to fight cruel and unjust immigration policies, we at the Israel Religious Action Center are joining the struggle from Israel. We are proud to represent Yosef Kibita, a 31-year-old convert from Uganda. He is a member of the Abayudaya Jewish community, an entire community of converts to Judaism. Yosef is under threat of deportation from Israel because the Israeli government has decided not to recognize the Abayudaya community as Jewish.

The Abayudaya community has been practicing Judaism for nearly 100 years. In 2008, the head of...

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Dripping spray paint heart on a concrete wall

As I listen with horror to everything that is happening to Jewish community centers and day schools in North America, I am reminded of the questions North American Jews ask me when they hear about Reform synagogues being vandalized in Israel or our leaders being threatened: Are you OK? What can your friends from afar do to help? What gives you hope?

What truly gives me hope is when I see how many people of different faiths come together after one of these attacks to help rebuild. Things like Muslims helping clean Jewish cemeteries, and synagogues opening their doors to a Muslim...

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