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Jane E. Herman


Gravestones with American flags in front of each one

Although Memorial Day – which Americans will observe this Monday – is not a Jewish holiday, the idea of remembering and honoring those who died in service to our nation is certainly a Jewish value. With that idea in mind, we’ve rounded up these stories and prayers to share with you ahead of the long holiday weekend.

1. 5 Jewish Readings for Memorial Day

Including both ancient and contemporary texts, this compilation of prayers and readings offers a selection to enrich your holiday observance.

2. Why I Serve in the Military

Although the two never met, Aaron Rozovsky shares...

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Young boy holding Israeli flag

This week Jews around the world will celebrate Yom HaAtzmaut, Israel Independence Day. Here are five ways you can celebrate the holiday with young children.

Read picture books about Israel to learn about Israeli culture, famous places, what to expect when visiting. Ella’s Trip to Israel, Good Night Israel, and It’s Israel’s Birthday are among many books available. Play with toys that are blue and white. For example, ask kids to pick out all the blue and white blocks or Legos from a set and use those to build a tower or a wall. Bounce, kick, roll, and play with blue and white beach... Read More

Hands in shadow of sunset holding Israeli flags on sticks

Today is Yom HaShoah (Holocaust Remembrance Day), which means that Yom Ha’Atzmaut (Israel Independence Day) begins a week from tonight, just as Yom HaZikaron (Israel Memorial Day) comes to an end.  

No matter our politics or feelings about what goes on in the Middle East on any given day, we are all ohavei Yisrael – lovers of Israel – who hold the country, the land, and her people close in our hearts. Here are seven ways to engage your congregation in observing and celebrating these holidays, especially this year, which marks Israel’s 70th anniversary.

Hold an Israel Shabbat... Read More

People sitting at a seder table

Ready or not, Passover will be here on Friday evening, March 30!

Here are seven resources from and elsewhere in the Jewish world you can use to enrich your celebration of the Festival of Freedom.

Preparation Checklist: Use this list of essentials to ensure that by the time your guests arrive you’re totally organized, with everything on hand for your best seder yet. Food and Recipes: Whether you’re in search of a new dish for the seder, creative cocktails for the week, or nut-free charoset options, we’ve got a trove of kosher-for-Passover recipes from which to... Read More

Make a difference sign tacked to a cork board

In the nonstop, lightning-fast busyness of life, it’s increasingly difficult to stop and just be, let alone be grateful. Of course, that’s precisely the idea behind Thanksgiving, but all too often, it seems we bring that same frenetic pace to the holiday and its preparations. From menu planning, shopping, and cooking to football, family chaos, and more, there’s never enough time to forget the chores and the to-do list and just relax.

For many, the challenges of poverty, food insecurity, and holding down multiple jobs to (barely) make ends meet mean there’s rarely any downtime....

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