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Cantor Sheila Nesis


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Dear Mom,

It’s still dark outside, but I’m awake. Every day, I wait to hear your grandson, Solomon, calling me to get up. I quickly drink a glass of water and get his bottle ready, go into his room, let his smile wash over me, and hope his light will guide the rest of my day.

Every day, there are emails to check and phone calls to return, laundry left in the dryer to fold, and purees to make.

Every day, you are still with me, in my thoughts, as I do this and that.

But today, you deserve your own time. We deserve our own time together.

Every day, I...

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On any given Shabbat at synagogues across North America, many young men and women become b’nai mitzvah. In many of these ceremonies, a wonderful tradition takes place in which the Torah is taken out of the ark and passed l’dor vador, from generation to generation. First it is placed into the arms of grandparents, parents, older siblings, and finally into to the hands of an anxious and excited b’nei mitzvah.

This special and intimate moment reminds us that we are not just members of our own families, not even only of our communities, but members of a tribe that began thousands of...

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