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Julie Bank


Vote buttons, streamers, and confetti, all in red, white, and blue

Desire for a better, more just, more peaceful world is a universal aspiration that crosses all lines of difference. None of my friends wants their children to grow up surrounded by the bitterness and violence and exclusivity that is the current national and international climate. We talk about it among our peers, we hear about it from the pulpit, we read about it on social media. But moving from desire for a better world to actually living in a better world is tricky. It requires thought, plans, ideas, and ultimately action.

Action gets us – individuals, communities, and the entire...

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trees and leaves in sunshine

When a group of us – congregants from University Synagogue in Los Angeles, CA – attended the Consultation on Conscience a few years ago, we learned about the GreenFaith Energy Shield, a program that encourages faith communities to reduce their carbon footprint. We returned home ready to put our faith into action.

With help from our then-rabbinic intern, the synagogue’s plant manager, and a team of lay leaders we installed energy efficient light bulbs and a solar powered eternal light; initiated a recycling program and recycled materials used in our building’s construction; began...

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