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Rabbi Daniel Mikelberg


The author with Kim Wheatley, a member of Shawanaga First Nation

Certain Torah portions stand out as a timeless call for our people. Acharei Mot falls into this category of essential themes on which to reflect. After the death of his sons Nadav and Avihu, Aaron struggles deeply, striving to cope. He initially does so in silence, steadfastly present but unable to find the words to speak. Over time, we get to know Aaron and gain an appreciation for his cautious use of words. Sometimes it seems there really is nothing appropriate to say. In these instances, we too respond in silence as we stand in solidarity with our brothers and sisters.

I often...

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The author with his husband and son

One day my son Jacob will ask how he was made, and I have the answer ready for this inevitable question: “God, science, and a whole lot of love.” Of course, there are many more details to his story…

My husband Zach and I found our place as teens on opposites sides of the country as leaders in NFTY, the Reform Jewish youth movement. Back then, our society did not excel at making room for the other. NFTY defied norms by defining itself as a place for all Jewish youth, an inclusive haven where everyone’s Godliness – b’tzelem Elohim (created in the image of God) – was celebrated. It...

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Wherever you go there's always someone Jewish You're never alone when you say you're a Jew So when you're not home And you're somewhere kind of “newish" The odds are – don't look far-- 'Cause they're Jewish, too.

Gearing up for the High Holidays, I wanted to show my Temple Sinai community that, as singer/songwriter Rabbi Larry Milder sings, “Wherever you go, there’s always someone Jewish.”

With help from the World Union for Progressive Judaism and the wonders of technology, a live audience of my congregants recently watched and listened as I conversed easily with several...

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