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Rabbi Judith Schindler


Each of us had different reasons for taking part in the recent mission to Berlin sponsored by the Central Conference of American Rabbis (CCAR). Among them were:

We cared about the refugee crisis and wanted to learn so that we could share the story, engage our congregants and communities with this issue, and be part of an effective response. We wanted to see and support a Germany that once cast refugees out and now was welcoming them in. We saw ourselves in the refugee narrative. We have known too many exiles as a people and, in some cases, as part of our personal families. We... Read More

Two weeks ago, Charlotte’s Briar Creek Church was a victim of arson. It is less than three and half miles from my home. Their children’s choir sang at our synagogue's Martin Luther King Day service three years ago, and my kids were close friends with the kids of their former minister. I was moved to worship with them the first Sunday after the fire. 

In Charlotte, where the painful past of the Jim Crow South is still felt and racial mistrust can be high, I feel a religious mandate to “love the stranger” and to make that stranger into a neighbor and friend. With the freedom of...

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