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Four are among the tiniest on earth, yet they are the wisest of the wise… [Ants…locusts…lizards… and…] The hyrax is a folk without strength, yet it makes its home in the rock. Proverbs 31:24-28

We live on the periphery of Shorashim; our little back yard opens onto a weedy slope that adjoins the Jewish National Fund forest surrounding the community. We created a couple of terraces at the edge of the yard where we try every year to grow vegetables. The soil is not great, and since the trees have grown, the area doesn’t get full sun, so the project is daunting. In recent years our...

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To choose life is to choose to see the complexity of the situation here. To learn, of necessity, to defend one’s life, but also to see the distress and extend a helping hand... Life here will be possible only if we stop blaming each other and stop being victims. We all need to overcome and to take responsibility and start working hard for the sake of life here.

Michal Froman, “March of Hope” rally, Jerusalem, October 19, 2016

During Sukkot, Tami and I decided to join the culminating segment of the “March of Hope,” a two-week series of local marches around the country,...

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As I see them from the mountain tops, gaze on them from the heights, there is a people that dwells apart, not reckoned among the nations. -- Numbers 23:9

The synagogue at Shorashim faces south – toward Jerusalem. As a creature of habit, I have sat in the same place for 26 years, along the windows on the west wall. The view is across the lawn and playground of Shorashim, over the Hilazon Valley and the Arab village of Shaab on the other side, out to Haifa Bay. In the course of those 26 years, the landscaping here has matured and the trees have grown, so that I just noticed that...

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Antigonos of Socho… used to say: “Be not like servants who minister to their master upon the condition of receiving a reward, but be like servants who minister to their master without the condition of receiving a reward.”

- Mishnah, Avot 1:3

Recently, I was riding the train north from Tel Aviv when a group of about a dozen teenagers boarded, wearing Mada uniforms and bearing backpacks or roll-ons. “Mada” is the acronym for Magen David Adom, Red Star of David, the Israeli Red Cross.

Many kids serve as Mada volunteers during high school, either out of inner motivation...

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The end of a matter is better than the beginning of it. Better a patient spirit than a haughty spirit. Ecclesiastes 7:8

Recently, I attended a daylong seminar in Tel Aviv for Israeli Reform rabbis together with colleagues from the CCAR, North America's professional association for Reform rabbis, who were in town for study programs. It was quite a successful event, intellectually and socially.

A highlight for me was a tour of the newly rebranded and retooled Museum of the Jewish People. Opened in the 1970s as the Diaspora Museum, this institution was for years de rigueur...

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