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Rabbi Ruth Adar


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There are numerous reasons you may not be able to fast on Yom Kippur: maybe you’re pregnant, you’re a diabetic, you have an eating disorder, or you have medications that must be taken with food.

First of all, thank you for taking care of your body, which is a mitzvah. The Hebrew word for it is “Lishmor HaGuf” (to guard the body), and it is just as important a mitzvah as any other, including the Yom Kippur fast.

When fasting is not feasible, here are some other ways to observe Yom Kippur.

Eat precisely.

What I mean by this directive is to eat exactly what you are...

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If you use a Jewish calendar, you may have noticed this notation last week on June 30: “Tzom Tammuz.” The phrase translates to “Fast of Tammuz” which isn’t terribly enlightening, so I thought you might like to have a bit more information.

Soon, beginning in the evening on July 21 and continuing throughout the day on July 22, we will observe the somber day known as Tishah B’Av (literally, the 9th of the Hebrew month of Av). The day is set aside to remember the destruction of the Second Temple along with other disasters in Jewish history. Tzom Tammuz is a dawn-to-dusk fast that is...

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The flu is widespread, across 49 US states right now. Scientists at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say that’s the first time that’s happened in their 13 years of tracking the flu.  –

We are in the midst of a remarkably nasty flu season right now. It has not reached pandemic levels, but we are still in the midst of flu season. This flu is killing not only infants and the elderly (as if that wasn’t bad enough) it seems to be particularly hard on baby-boomers, too.

Symptoms of the flu include fever, cough, sore throat, runny or stuffy nose,...

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Tuesday, August 22, 2017 was Reform CA Lobby Day, a project of the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism. 100 social justice activists and organizers from Reform congregations all over California converged on the state capitol to advocate for justice in our state.  We had four goals:

To connect with one another and Reform CA To present ourselves powerfully to President Pro Tempore of the California State Senate, Kevin de León To train in lobbying and political action, first by learning and then by doing To help pass our two priority bills: California Values Act (SB... Read More

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Temple Israel of Alameda in Alameda, CA, was vandalized last week. Someone came by during the night Wednesday and broke two windows, and tried to break the glass doors of the synagogue with rocks. In the wake of the white supremacist violence in Charlottesville, this was even more upsetting than it would normally be to local Jews.

Temple Israel is a small synagogue of only about 100 households. They have a part-time rabbi. They are about 15 minutes from my home, so I planned to get myself over there for Friday evening services to show solidarity with the congregation. Then the...

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