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Rick Lupert


Row of mailboxes

We used to be specific about who we applied the word hero to. Our doctors, and firefighting professionals Our activists, and soldiers Our law enforcement professionals and the occasional politician who stuck to their morals.

We sometimes confabulate the words hero and fame We’re in awe of our rock stars and movie stars Certain authors get the royal treatment and in some communities just being the person who tells you the weather will get you a better seat at dinner.

We never considered the grocery store shelf stocker the checkout person, the mail carrier the one who brings...

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Young child blowing a shofar against a black background

I heard Kol Nidrei on a violin tonight. They should take all legal documents and set them to music.

All vows – This legal document written in unholy language

a prenuptial agreement for our inevitable failing. This relationship with

the year itself a contract awaiting the biggest signature.

Please, cancel my subscription but charge my card anyway. I don’t deserve the content.

Every promise I make a guaranteed broken one between today and

a year’s worth of Jewish days from now. The next time the shofar

is dusted off, we’ll have this...

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Gold menorah fully lit with red candles


This light’s for Hanukkah… for a people who who choose to begin our best of days with light. What special Jewish day doesn’t start with on open flame?


This light’s for the Dreidel… for the great miracle that happened there, unless you happen to be there where it’s changed to here because we’re inclusive like that.


This light’s for latkes… Potato pancakes because everything good begins and ends with potatoes.


This light’s for Sufganiyot… Jelly Donuts. Not quite as popular as latkes in all the official surveys but, really, who...

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