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by Marc Rosenstein(Originally published in Galilee Diary and Ten Minutes of Torah)

Altneuland = Oldnewland: Title of novel published in 1902 by Theodore Herzl, envisioning the Jewish state as a progressive, secular, German-speaking utopia.Tel Aviv: The title of the Hebrew translation of Altneuland; Tel = mound of ancient ruins; Aviv = springtime.

We are producing a one-day seminar for 400 10th graders at the Reali High School in Haifa next week,...

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First posted at by Gardening Grandma. This week's US News and World Report takes a look about how President-Elect Obama is consulting with religious groups across the spectrum on issues ranging from domestic poverty to bringing peace to the Middle East.This is...

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Six times a year, the RAC staff has the opportunity to work with incredible groups of high school students from across the country at our Bernard and Audre Rapoport L'Taken Social Justice Seminars.  A few weeks ago, at our first L'Taken of the year, one of our participants, Andrew Turell from Woodlands Community Temple in White Plains, NY, delivered a remarkable speech concluding his group's visit to Representative Nita Lowey's office.  Andrew's speech did not merely tie together the five separate issues on which his peers spoke.  Andrew's...

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Rabbi Jack Bloom's provocative view of our relationship with God centers on the God of the Torah, and I respectfully suggest that we 21st century Reform Jews relate to Somebody altogether different. Taught as we are that we are made b'tzelem Elohim, in the image of God, we are more likely to look in the mirror than in the Torah to develop our picture. I find more truth than poetry in the story of the little boy huddled with his crayons over a sheet of paper, whose mother asks what he is doing. "I'm drawing a picture of God... Read More

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Yesterday during lunch, Naomi, one of my colleagues, told the following story:

Her father was a poll worker in Wisconsin on Election Day. An elderly African-American woman came in to vote. She was carrying with her a small package. The poll workers asked her what it was and she said, "I brought my ancestors with me." With that, she opened the package and took out pictures of several deceased relatives. The poll workers helped her set them up in the...

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