Exodus Haikus

December 21, 2022Helene Kohn


How shall God be known
Force Flame Wrathful Redeemer
One Who Remembers


Life unraveling
Plagues strengthen Egypt hardens
Remorseless Pharoah


As darkness descends
dispirited Jews await
an unleavened flight


Hurling swirling sea
fomenting redeeming flight
myth and miracle

B'shalach - The Other Side

Terrifying paths
beyond uncharted waters
manna miracles


This holy nation
stands shuddering at Sinai
birthing the Big Ten


Metered eye for eye
mete retribution squarely
meet Me mountain top


Amidst heartfelt gifts
dazzling hammered ornaments
God's presence will dwell


Splend'rous priestly garb
consecrate illuminate
with eternal flame

Ki Tisa - Take a census

Golden calf extolled
infuriated The Scribe
a bad idea

Ki Tisa - A Second Chance

In God's shadowing
Moses breaks repairs and heals
Divine compassion


Archetype hero
speaking her truth to power
the whole Megillah


Bezalel's wise heart
uplifts every element
lovingly crafted

Pekude Be Strengthened

Accompany Me
from redemption to nation
beyond Exodus



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