#FaithsCalling: Gun Violence Prevention Call-In Day

April 3, 2013Mikey Pasek

When the Senate returns from the Passover/Easter recess next week, gun violence prevention will be at the top of their agenda. The issue is expected to be debated next week, and we expect a vote on a gun violence prevention package to follow soon after, so now is the time to let our Senators know that the commitment to gun violence prevention spurred by the events in Newtown will not go away, and that we demand action!

The religious community has led the call for gun violence prevention measures, and with over 10,000 calls generated in the February 4 Faiths Calling Interfaith Call-in day to prevent gun violence, the Senate has heard the voices of the faith community. But, as we near this crucial vote, we must amplify our voices to ensure that Congress passes a comprehensive gun violence prevention package.

What can you do? Participate in Faiths Calling on April 9!

Join the faith community on April 9, just before the Senate begins debate, and call your Senators to insist that they act to prevent gun violence. Demand Congress enacts universal background checks as well as bans on semi-automatic assault weapons & high-capacity magazines, makes gun trafficking a federal crime, and improves mental health services.

Make sure that your voice is heard!

Faiths Calling – Interfaith Call-in to Prevent Gun Violence – April 9th
www.faithscalling.org 1-888-897-0174
Text "FaithsCalling" to 877-877 for a reminder message

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