The FDA is Smokin'

June 11, 2009
Earlier today the Senate passed with very broad-based support a bill allowing the FDA to regulate tobacco products. Now, this was not token broad-based support, but in fact the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act passed by an overwhelming margin of 79-17.
Not too shabby, right?

The bill will grant the FDA authority to engage in a number of regulatory measures from restricting advertising and product development targeted to kids, require large and graphic health warnings (take a look at what the British did last year), and require the disclosure of the contents and ingredients of cigarettes.

The House passed a similar bill in April, so the version passed by the Senate will go back to the House for final approval. Then it's on the President's desk for his signature and enactment.

Mark Pelavin, the RAC's Associate Director, released a statement today celebrating the passage of the legislation. Here's a snippet:

By empowering the FDA to regulate the way in which tobacco products are made, marketed and sold, this legislation has the power to save lives. This bill will save the lives of children who too often fall victim to targeted marketing campaigns. It will save the lives of mothers and fathers, friends and loved ones who will be protected from the addictive and poisonous ingredients found in tobacco products.

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