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A Personal Reflection on Yom Hashoah

Aron Hirt-Manheimer
April 11, 2012

Jews throughout the world have been commemorating the Holocaust annually on the 27th of Nisan since 1953, when the Israeli government inaugurated this day of remembrance and linked to the heroic Warsaw Ghetto Uprising  of a decade earlier.

The Power of Pesach

Rabbi Henry Jay Karp
March 30, 2012

Over 30 years ago, I read an article which reported a statistical study of Jewish observances.

The Eichmann Trial

August 26, 2011

Deborah Lipstad transports her readers back in time to Jerusalem sixteen years after May 8, 1945  V-E Day and the end of the Shoah, and thirteen years after May 14, 1948 when Israel became an independent state. 

Book Discussion: The Great House

June 20, 2011

by Peter Shapiro
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A reader of Nicole Krauss's novel "Great House" in my judgment will either like it or dislike it but there will be no middle ground.

Galilee Diary: Summer holiday

Rabbi Marc J. Rosenstein
August 24, 2010

It was forbidden to allow the posthumous destruction of Man, God, and - this even for the most secularist of Jews - that hope without which a Jew cannot live, the hope which is the gift of Judaism to all humanity.