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Rabbinic Literature: Where are the Novels?

Rabbi Elliot Strom

When I was confirmed in 1965, I received a copy of The Rabbi by Noah Gordon as a gift. Reading the novel proved to be a watershed moment in my life. As the story drew back the curtain on the personal and private life of a young man who enters the rabbinate, I thought – for the first time – that I, too, might someday come to be a rabbi.

The Good Book: Writers Reflect on Favorite Bible Passages

Rabbi Robert Orkand

The Bible continues to be the best-selling book in history, perhaps because each reader can identify with some aspect of its ancient text. It is this notion that informs the essays of the 24 novelists, poets, scholars, and journalists who answered the call to write about a Biblical book or passage with personal meaning to them.

Building a Serious Jewish Library

Larry Kaufman, z"l

A young friend and former student of mine recently asked her Facebook network for suggestions as to what books she ought to buy as first steps in building a serious Jewish library.