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How a DNA Test and a Dream Led Me to Judaism

Jeff Stoffa
June 7, 2016

I hired an ancestral DNA expert to analyze my Jewish blood but, frustrated with my demands for details, he sent a curt email I will never forget: “You’re either Jewish or you’re not,” he wrote. Maybe this search was as much about my faith as it was about my heritage. Maybe I really was a Jew at heart, too.

Why I Chose to Embrace Judaism and How I Did It

Dan Albano
May 24, 2016

Walking into that first Introduction to Judaism class, I was nervous. For the last five years, I’d become increasingly immersed in Jewish culture, attending High Holiday services with my girlfriend's family, exchanging Hanukkah gifts, reading books on Judaism, and consulting “Rabbi Google.” Still, I felt like an outsider – self-conscious and keenly aware of my “other-ness.”

In Judaism, I Finally Found My Spiritual Home

Joshua Moon
March 11, 2016

During this journey, I’ve been asked: “Why?” In Judaism, I found meaningful rituals and a history of peoplehood that I have taken on as my own. From the time I left the Christian church, I sought a spiritual home – a place of tolerance and acceptance. In Judaism, I’ve found exactly that.

On the Outside Looking In: Approaching Conversion

Susan Elliott Brown
January 12, 2016

Next week at this time, I’ll be stepping into the mikveh, the Jewish ritual bath. It’s been a yearlong journey that will lead me to that holy space, one I’ll enter as a former Catholic/not-quite-Jew and exit as a Jewish woman – no longer an outsider.

What I Learned as a Member of a Beit Din

Lorne Basskin
December 1, 2015
I recently had the wonderful opportunity to serve on a beit din, a panel of two Jewishly knowledgeable witnesses and a rabbi tasked with overseeing the conversion of a person in our congregation. Our task was to determine if the person had undertaken adequate preparation to become a Jew, was doing so of her own free will and desire, and if she knew what to expect living as a Jew.