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"Men Can Be Rabbis?!"

Jesse Paikin
May 1, 2012

“Who’s that guy?” I asked my mom.

“He’s the rabbi,” she answered. I stared up at my mom, with a blank gaze on my face.

When I was eight years old, my family joined a synagogue for the first time.

Even before then, we always had a fairly strong sense of Jewish

More Questions than Answers

Stacey Zisook Robinson, z"l
April 25, 2012

On the first Sunday of the first day of religious school, I challenge my seventh grade students: How do you have a conversation with God in the 21st century? Do you have a conversation at all?

Holding On and Letting Go

Deborah Greene
February 20, 2012

It is said that, “All the art of living lies in a fine mingling of letting go and holding on.” (Havelock Ellis) It is, to be sure, a balancing act for every parent.

A Moment of Gratitude

Suzi Neft
June 29, 2011

I was scared to death! Coming from a violent marriage with a young son, Alex, who I was trying to protect and educate Jewishly.

Struggling with God and Infertility

Cantor Joanna Alexander
March 29, 2011

Over the past three years, I have struggled with God. At first, when we started trying to have children, I didn't know anything was wrong.