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The Plagues Within

Rabbi Jason Nevarez
January 13, 2015

In her d'var Torah this week, Rabbi Ellen Weinberg Dreyfus challenges us by examining the layers of this critical parashah, as we attempt, once again, to unravel the complexities behind God’s “signs and marvels” (Exodus 7:3).

Did God Invent Love at First Sight?

Barbara Solomon Josselsohn
November 13, 2014

How did your parents meet?

As a religious school teacher at a Reform Jewish synagogue, each year I ask my sixth-grade students to think about their parents, or any two people they know who are happily married. How did those people become a couple?


The Binding of Isaac: A New Look at an Old Story

Karen Humphrey
November 6, 2014

The story of the binding of Isaac (Genesis 22) has always troubled me, and reading it again this year has been no different. It's disturbing, even angering, to see commentators talk about Abraham suspending his compassion for his son in order to pursue his...

Forever Song: A Poem for Psalm 145

Stacey Zisook Robinson, z"l
November 5, 2014

The prayers and poetry of our liturgy (services) come from many places. Psalm 145, also known as the Ashrei, is a part of the morning liturgy. Attributed to David, it's a joyous poem that begins "Happy are those who dwell in Your house; they will sing your...

On Simchat Torah, We Turn and Turn Again

Stacey Zisook Robinson, z"l
October 13, 2014

I like the symmetry of the concept of return.

I like the idea that, no matter how linear we think we are, or time is, or God is, we tend to find a way back. Even God recognizes this view: Why else create t’shuvah (repentance) before ever creating the...