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The Power of Shabbat, Even Over the Loudspeaker

Cantor Laura Stein, LMSW
July 6, 2020

Even as structure and routine begin to crumble, ritual observances don’t stop for the virus. As did many generations of Jews before us, we must adapt ritual to this unprecedented way of life, and Shabbat services, a mainstay for nursing home residents, necessitated creative adaptation.

How Torah Brought Comfort to a 91-Year-Old Widow

Rabbi Paul Kipnes
February 26, 2016

When 91-year-old Deana came to visit me, she came to find comfort and solace a year and a half after her beloved husband Alvin died – but it turned out that she spent more time teaching me Torat Chayim (the Torah of Life). In the process, she lifted both of us a little higher on the ladder of holiness.

How Purim and Pesach Can Save Us

Rabbi Rex Perlmeter
March 13, 2014

Most of us are probably all too well familiar with the old canard regarding Jewish holidays: “They tried to kill us, we survived, let’s eat!” Though the popularity of the formula may have sad implications regarding how people regard these sacred observances...