Haikus on Leviticus

March 15, 2023Rebecca Tullman

detailed instructions
help us live with intention

and aid us to thrive

Parshat Vayikra

Adonai calls us
mend and draw near through actions
intention matters

Parshat Tzav

an eternal flame
needs our care and nurturing
to burn forever

Parshat Sh'mini

act with forethought
make each choice purposefully
even as you eat

Parshat Tazria

careful and intentional
walls, clothes, behavior

Parshat M'tzora

water can renew
with purposeful ritual
not just splashed around

Parshat Acharei Mot

we are given steps
by which we can make amends
mistakes are human

Parshat K'doshim

Torah sets the path
love your neighbor as yourself
you shall be holy

Parshat Emor

the marking of time
festivals, shabbat, and more
helps keep us aligned

Parshat B'har

atop the mountain
we learn rest and renewal
are birthrights of all

Parshat B'chukotai

when we act with care
And allow Torah to guide
Goodness will increase

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