Hamantaschen Test Kitchen: Gluten-Free

February 23, 2010Rabbi Phyllis Sommer

My family is not gluten-free. But we have several close friends who are. So when I posted earlier this month that I'd be starting my hamantaschen baking, one of those friends asked if I'd be making any gluten-free delicacies. Um, no. (Who does she think I am?) But I offered to come over to her house and try to make them with her (because I thought it would make a good blog post, I'll admit it)...and so we did.

We used this recipe, which I thought seemed to be the most resembling regular hamantaschen. I've never baked gluten-free, but I have tasted many of my friend's results. I know how much work goes into getting these baked goods to come out right, and how generally important the directions are. So when it says to "coat" the dough in (GF) flour, it really means it. I'm just sayin'.... So, here's what they looked like before baking...

And after....

And my little gluten-eaters didn't even know the difference.

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More coming - I have two other recipes that I'd like to get made before this weekend!

Originally posted on Ima on (and off) the Bima. See other great recipes from this test kitchen series: Cream Cheese Dough and Gingerbread.

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