It’s Time for Some… Questions?

September 21, 2012
Most of the time, we here at the RAC try to give you answers, or at least the tools to find your own answers. But today, I’m here to give you more questions. In the midst of election season, we are certainly flooded with answers from political candidates. How they will deal with poverty, improve the economy, handle LGBT issues, approach issues of women's health and rights and solve international crises. But do you know how your candidates will affirm the rights and dignity of people with disabilities? No answer? That’s probably because they haven’t even been asked the question. As Jews, it is our moral obligation to ask these overlooked questions. Pirkei Avot teaches, “Treat no one lightly and think nothing is useless, for everyone has a moment and everything has a place.” We must speak out and encourage action on disability policy. The Reform Movement has taken considerable steps to ensure that our spiritual communities are accessible. Now is the time to ask our political leaders to follow our lead, and ensure that our global community is accessible. The RAC has partnered with the Interfaith Disability Advocacy Coalition (IDAC) to compile a brochure of Questions for Candidates. These questions are a resource for you, so that you can play a role in shaping the dialogue of campaigns. I hope you will use this to bring these questions into your conversations. If you are attending a forum, town hall or debate, please ask these important questions. If your synagogue or community is hosting an event, please submit these questions. Tweet your candidates. Write a letter to your local newspaper. Just ask. Image courtesy of IDAC.

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