Listen Up: An Israeli Election Recap and Breakdown with Rabbi Josh Weinberg

April 15, 2019Kate Bigam Kaput

Still trying to unpack the results of the recent elections in Israel? Rabbi Josh Weinberg, Union for Reform Judaism vice president for Israel and Reform Zionism and executive director of ARZA, the Association of Reform Zionists of America, recently spoke to members of Temple Isaiah in Los Angeles, CA, about the election results.

He broke down the parties, the leaders, the possible coalitions, and the complexity of Israel’s recent election, encouraging questions for the synagogue community and offering insight into the electoral process - while also sharing personal stories along the way that paint a picture of life as a Reform Jew in Israel.

Listen to Rabbi Weinberg's talk at Temple Isaiah in the newest episode of their podcast, The Clergy Suite.

Want even more breakdown of the 2019 elections? Rabbi Weinberg also recently appeared on JBS, a Jewish television channel featuring daily news from Israel, to analyze the results of the Israeli national elections alongside other Jewish experts. In another blog post, he outlines what the election outcomes mean for Reform Jews.

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