Numbers Haikus

April 10, 2023Helene Kohn


Alongside brethren
Guardians and warriors
Once a stranger here

Naso I

The Priestly Blessing
Bestows grace radiance peace
My heart is speechless

Naso II

One bears what's sacred
a share equal yet unique
hear God's voice above


Gluttonous riff raff
Test Moses relentlessly
Whine and punishment

Shavuot - Ruth

Untethered by loss
Pledging her fidelity
She reaps love's harvest

Sh'lach L'cha

One vista two views
No retreating to Egypt
Be a scout of faith


Moses' challenger
Insubordinates swallowed
Insurrection foiled


Reluctant Curser
Heed the donkey, prophesy:
How fair are your tents!


Five daughters assert
our inheritance is just
and such God decreed


War and wandering
Plunder and vast pillaging
Bye bye wilderness

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