Prayer for the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh

October 27, 2018Alden Solovy

This acrostic piece that spells out “Tree of Life Pittsburgh Tree of Life" is, of course, a response to the shooting at the Tree of Life Synagogue this morning. It is meant to be used with two other prayers: “After a Deadly Anti-Semitic Attack” and "Racist Violence against Houses of Worship."

Prayer for the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh

Tree of Life,
Revive our souls,
Enrich our days, 
Entreating Your blessings. 
Oh, God of Peace, 
Fill our hearts with comfort, a
Letting Your Torah shine, 
In the fullness of our love. 
Faith in You, our God, 
Eternal Source of blessings.

Praying for healing 
In the depths of despair, 
Thanking God for the survivors, 
Thanking God for the first responders, 
Sorrow crushing our hearts, 
Bereaved beyond belief, 
United in our love, 
Returning to You in faith, 
God of Israel, 
Healer of generations.

Tree of Life, 
Redeemer of Israel, 
Enliven this moment with healing, 
Enliven this moment with hope. 
Oh, Rock of Israel, 
Forget not the Jews of Pittsburgh. 
Let Your love flow 
In the days ahead 
For justice and peace 

© 2018 Alden Solovy and All rights reserved.

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