Sh'ma: A Poem

February 6, 2018Julia Knobloch

Say it when the priests go eat the sacrifice.
Say it when the stars appear.
Say it until midnight.
Say it before dawn.
Say it in the morning light.
Say it when you rise, when you lie down,
in the desert, in walled cities,
in your house and on the road.

Teach it to your children.
teach it to your children,
that they may say it,
say it when they wake,
when no stars are in the sky,
when time has no season
say it when the trains pull in,
say it at the ramp,
say it in the barracks.

to the words of the Sh'ma,
put one ear onto the tracks
and listen,
you can hear it
through the grass, in the forests, by the river.
learn it
teach it
say it
with all your heart, and soul, and might.

Learn more about the Sh'ma.

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