Terrorist Attack at Jerusalem Bus Station

March 23, 2011
3&91.jpegEarlier today a bomb went off outside the Central Bus Station in Jerusalem killing one person and injuring many more. The Reform Movement is of course outraged over this incident and the recent surge of violence in Israel and in response to the attack Rabbi Eric Yoffie, President of the Union for Reform Judaism, issued a statement.

In the statement Rabbi Yoffie condemned the attack and offered prayers for the victims and their families:
"We call upon Palestinian leaders to condemn today's attack and make it clear that rocket fire and bombs in bus stations are not the answer. We urge both Israeli and Palestinian leaders to do all they can to ensure the violence we have recently witnessed does not escalate. We call upon the Palestinians to return to peace talks immediately so that progress can be mode toward the peace that the Israeli and Palestinian peoples so desperately want and need."
The reports of the bombing in Jerusalem coupled with increased rocket fire from Gaza, escalated exchanges of fire between terrorists and the Israeli Defense Forces and last week's massacre in the West Bank settlement Itamar, are of course deeply unsettling. Stay tuned to the RAC's blog for updates as the situation develops.

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