In The Wilderness: Numbers in Haiku

May 10, 2023Rebecca Tullman


survival demands
we become community
in the wilderness


each of us counted
to build strong community
each of us needed

Naso I

Always there's a path
To repent and become whole
If you take the steps


To be united
Requires patient mercy
We wait for Miryam

Sh'lach L'cha

With help from Moses
Thirteen principles invoked
God models mercy


The unpaid labor
Uplifts us all to sacred
Must be supported


When fear rises up
It can challenge the whole group
We must face our fears


Ignore the message
Of those less privileged
You might miss angels


Our holy tribe
Is open to a rules change
When injustice shows


Pioneers who lead
Whether coerced or by choice
Can cause seas to part


How we use our space
Impacts harmony and peace
Planning required

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