A Year Like No Other: Voting in Pennsylvania and Beyond

Josh Sayles
Rabbi Ron Symons
Susan Friedberg Kalson
October 15, 2020
Typically, Jews have an extraordinarily high voter turnout, said to be the highest of any ethnic group, in a nation in which only an estimated 1 in 2 eligible voters actually vote. But this is a year like no other.

Songs and Videos for Celebrating Simchat Torah

Cantor Rosalie Will
October 8, 2020
One of most wonderful aspects of Simchat Torah is celebrating the joy of children and families dancing and singing with our Torah scrolls.  While we will be unable to dance together in person, we invite you to play the following videos or audio files and dance in your homes. 

Sukkot in a Time Of Pandemic: A Poem

Lee McPhillips Radlo
October 5, 2020
This year, even if you do not have a sukkah to visit, you can still experience the kavanah (intention) and the ruach (spirit) of Sukkot.