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By now, I hope you are all aware of the recent victories in Iowa and Vermont. Not many saw the strong judicial victory in Iowa coming and Vermont was the first state to achieve marriage equality through legislative action. However, we don't have to stop there! Today in Maine, the governor signed a...

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On Tuesday afternoon, I headed over to Capitol Hill to meet in the office of Representative Rush Holt (D-NJ) to join a meeting with two religious peacemakers, Rabbi Menachem Froman, and Sheikh Ghassan Manasra.

Both men defy stereotypes;

Rabbi Froman is an Orthodox rabbi who makes his home on the West Bank settlement of Tekoa (home of the prophet Amos, who railed against the Israelites for their pride and arrogance), but he has close ties to Palestinians, including Hamas. He has...

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by Marc Rosenstein(Originally published in Galilee Diary and Ten Minutes of Torah)

Our hope is not lost, the hope of two thousand yearsTo be a free people in our land, the land of Zion and Jerusalem.-Hatikvah, Israeli national anthem

This year's observance of Yom Ha'atzma'ut was particularly interesting and thought-provoking for me; here are some hightlights:

At mid-day on Tuesday, Memorial Day, almost the entire population of Shorashim, a few hundred people...

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Last week the Crack the Disparity Coalition held its second annual (and last) lobby day seeking to reform the egregious crack-powder cocaine sentencing disparity.

The lobby day was a very exciting experience. We kicked off the day with speeches from Rep. Bobby Scott (D-VA), the lead sponsor one of the legislative options, Hilary Shelton of the NAACP, and Rabbi Saperstein, who delivered an inspirational and rousing speech that can be found...

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Last Monday, Rabbi Saperstein joined other activists and members of Congress in civil disobedience at the Sudanese Embassy in protest of ongoing suffering in Darfur. Rabbi Saperstein and Enough Project co-founder John Prendergast wrote a piece for the Huffington Post, "Going to Jail to Fight Genocide," sharing about why they chose to get arrested on Monday, and a bit about their experience:

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