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Rabbi Michael Namath is the RAC's Programming Director. Each year just after Yom Kippur, the RAC staff goes outside to build a sukkah on the front lawn. We don't have any structural engineers or carpenters on staff, and as a result, the structure always looks a little shaky. It does, however, manage to remain upright for the entire week-long holiday. There are many important social justice themes of hunger and homelessness that are present in the symbols of this holiday and the...

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My fiancée and I recently joined a congregation about a block from our home. We went to the new member Shabbat, were called by the rabbi, welcomed by members and Abby (my future bride) was called this morning to read an aliyah on Rosh HaShanah. But even after such a warm welcome still it is kinda strange.

This will be our first High Holidays as "adults" and I for one am freaking out a bit. What should we do for dinner on Erev Rosh Hashanah and Kol Nidre? More importantly do we host our own or seek an invitation to a well-established-bagels-lox-cream-cheese-kugel-and-caffeine-filled...

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Emily Schwartz is an intern at the Religious Action Center and a senior at The George Washington University. When I Google the term "immigration," the first result to pop up is "Related searches: illegal immigration." The correlation is offsetting. Immigration is supposed to be a word that implies hope, a better life for the people immigrating. Yet the term has a negative stigma, and politicians don't want to talk about it.

Yesterday I attended a meeting with the Interfaith Immigration Coalition. Sitting around a conference table were...

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I came to the 11 pm  Selichot Service at Beth Emeth in Wilmington, Delaware on Saturday night at the suggestion of  Rabbi Grumbacher during Torah study. I came frankly, out of curiosity and to see if I could stay awake at that "unGodly" time. I had no idea of what a Selichot service was. But the Rabbi had said "come"  and when asked indicated it was a short service.

When I entered the sanctuary I was somewhat surprised to see about 35 other insomniacs. I noticed that some of the participants were members of the Beth Emeth Torah study group...

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Emily Schwartz is an intern at the Religious Action Center and a senior at The George Washington University. Picture this: giant solar panels powering skyscrapers, dirty coal plants shaping up or shutting down, less traffic on the roads, rooftop gardens filled with trees and flowers as far as the eye can see. Sound like a dream?

It is. This is my dream and the dream of millions of people like me who want to see real change in order to preserve a sustainable future. Now, thanks to the hard work of scientists, politicians and environmentalists, this dream is in reach. Late last week...

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