A Temple Sinai Program: Next Gen (20’s and 30’s) Holocaust Education Week Zoom Book Break

Please join author and podcaster Rachel Cerrotti who will discuss her deeply moving debut novel: We Share The Same Sky: A Memoir of Memory & Migration. 

We Share the Same Sky weaves together the story of two women, Rachel and her grandmother Hana, during the Holocaust, building a bridge between the past and present time. Cerrotti's work, safeguarding the memory of her grandmother's experience, provides a roadmap for engaging with survivor's stories today.

Join on Zoom to hear Rachel share the story of her grandmother.

Register Online at https://cloud4good.tfaforms.net/f/Book

Buy Rachel's Book https://benmcnallybooks.com/ask-ben/

This partnership with a local, independent bookstore is part of our commitment to support local, family-owned businesses to help them and our Toronto economy.

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