May refer to midrash; may also refer to a few words of Torah shared during a worship service or gathering.  

“Word(s) of Torah.” (pl. divrei Torah). A brief oral teaching to the congregation which explores themes of the Torah portion or other Jewish content. In many communities, a child celebrating b'nai mitzvah (bar/bat mitzvah) will prepare and deliver an original d’var Torah during the worship service.

Yiddish for “pray.” Typically involves Hebrew chanting, traditional melodies, and some movement during prayer.

"The true Judge"—prayer said after a death.

Literally, “It Is Enough for Us.” A seder song of gratitude that recounts many miracles and gifts from God associated with the Exodus story, any one of which “would have been enough.”

"Spinning top" in Yiddish (derived from German); "sevivon" in Hebrew; toy used in a children's Hanukkah game.