"Covenant of life." A home ceremony for welcoming and naming a baby girl.

"Covenant of circumcision," traditionally performed on the eighth day of a boy's life. One of the three covenants in the Hebrew Bible. This is the covenant of Abraham—see Genesis 17.

Blessings that begin the wedding ceremony.

Lit. "A good hour." Colloquially, "May the child come at the right time"—said upon learning of a pregnancy.

Literally "in the image of God;" the concept—from Genesis 1:27: “God created humankind in God’s image”—that because all humanity is created in the image of God, each person is equally valued. 

Literally, “master of t’kiah,” meaning “one who sounds the shofar.” 

Compendium of Jewish law and lore developed by the Rabbis from the first centuries of the Common Era (C.E.). Codified circa 500 C.E.

Idea that we should not be wasteful in our consumption and need to be stewards of God's creation.

Ceremony marking a boy's reaching the age of religious maturity; plural: b'nei mitzvah.

Literally, “Blessed are You, the Eternal;” the beginning of the formula of Hebrew blessings.  

Literally, “Blessed is the Judge of Truth;” Customary words one recites upon hearing of a person’s death.