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The Jewish Homeland

Learn about the land of Israel: its society, history, arts and culture, Reform Jewish communities, and much more.

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Children participate in an activity at a congregation practicing Reform Judaism in Israel

Reform Judaism in Israel

During the past 100 years, the Reform Jewish Movement has made a dramatic ideological and physical return to Israel.

Reform Judaism in Israel

Nation of Innovation: Reform Congregations

Polls show that nearly 25% of Israeli Jews choose Reform as the Jewish movement they most closely identify with.

Photo of a woman leaving a plane in Israel during the 40s

History of Jewish Immigration to Israel (Aliyah)

While Herzl and others were laying the groundwork outside of Palestine for a state, many Jews were moving there from Europe.

Religious Pluralism in Israel

Religious Pluralism in Israel

The situation is quite complex, particularly with regard to recognition of non-Orthodox Jewish streams.