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Israel Up Close

Living in Israel

Israel Up Close

Polls show that nearly 25% of Israeli Jews choose Reform as the Jewish movement they most closely identify with.

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View through a rock formation of water and boats

8 Pieces of Good News About Israel

Israel is becoming a kinder and gentler place. Here are eight positive things about the land and her people in these challenging times.

Bahai Gardens in Haifa Israel

Cultural Institutions in Israel

For such a young country, Israel has some of the best cultural institutions and traditions in the world. For those interested in theater, dance, history and more, we recommend checking out these world-class establishments

An image of Israeli Jew Galit Reisman

Nation of Innovation: Fashion

Tel Aviv dazzles in many ways - its beaches, nightlife, restaurants. Less known is its young, daring, innovative fashion industry.

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Israeli Inventions at Work

A Camera You Can Swallow: Doctors in 60+ countries use the PillCam, a smooth capsule the size of a pill that patients can swallow, to determine best treatment protocols. Developed by Given Imaging, its miniature camera takes 50,000+ images inside the body over an eight-hour period.