Hanukkah Activities for Toddlers and Twos

Clay Dough Menorah:

  • Give each child a big ball of clay dough. Show the children how to flatten the ball. Give children a Hanukkah candle and let them make eight or nine holes in the clay. Let it dry and they will have their very own hanukkiyah

Discovery Bottles:

  • Fill a wide mouth clear plastic bottle with rice. Insert a few small dreidels, candles, Hanukkah coins, etc., in the bottle. Once filled, simply fill the bottle cap with hot glue and attach it. Let set until dry and you have a great sensory activity. As you roll the bottle, different objects will come to the surface to be discovered.

Cookie Cutter Stamping:

  • Have the children print using Hanukkah cookie cutters (the plastic ones work the best) and tempera paint in a shallow container. This is an idea that can be used throughout the year, using different shaped cutters.

Candle Matching Game:

Using a box of colored Hanukkah candles or a set of candles made from cardboard with two of each color, or a set of different colored dreidels, play a matching game by picking up one color of candle or dreidel and singing the following song to the tune of “Are You Sleeping?”

I have a candle, I have a candle.
It is red, it is red.
Help me find another one, help me find another one.
Here it is, here it is.

And finally, here is an activity little ones never get tired of doing: Let them practice putting real candles into an unbreakable menorah all by themselves.