Hanukkah Craft: Baby Food Jar Menorah

Recycle small baby food jars into a creative and kid-friendly menorah for Hanukkah. Here's what you'll need:

  • Eight or nine small (clean!) baby food jars
  • One large baby food jar (optional for the shamashshamashשַׁמָּשׁHelper candle used to light the other candles in a menorah. , the helped candle; a small jar can also be used)
  • Modeling clay
  • Jewel stickers, sequins, or flat-sided plastic jewels 

  • Craft glue
  • Cotton swab
  • Glitter glue or glass writing pen
  • Hanukkah candles

Now, let's get started on making your menorah:

  1. Decorate the baby food jars with the jewels, sequins, etc. (Using the jewel stickers is easiest and best for younger children.) When you decorate the shamash jar, you may want to write a message using glitter glue or a glass-writing pen. Allow plenty of time to dry. If you do not have large jars, you can use a small jar for the shamash and either use a larger candle or make the clay holder taller.
  2. Form nine balls with modeling clay. Place a ball of clay in the base of each jar to hold the candles.
  3. Line up the jars with the shamash in the middle to form your hanukkiyahhanukkiyahחֲנֻכִּיָּהNine-branched candelabra used during Hanukkah – eight branches for each night of the holiday, plus another branch (often taller, central, or more prominently displayed) for the shamash (helper) candle, which is used to light the others. .