The Hanukkah Shaboom! Special

A Shaboom! Discussion and Activity Guide for 4-7 Year Olds and Their Parents

Lickety latke! Disappearing donuts, giant spinning dreidels, and an impromptu party are all part of this miracle-filled Hanukkah episode from Shaboom!  Magical Sparks Gabi and Rafael slide down their cloud playhouse rainbow to help the Plony family get ready for an unexpected Hanukkah visit from the Baloney family. With only an hour’s notice, time is slowed down for some and sped up for others. Miraculously, the candles are lit, donuts and latkes are fried in oil, and all the neighbors are invited to a street party illuminated by the light of a giant Hanukkah menorah!


  • One of the Jewish values the Plony family expressed is Hachnasat Orchim. Who would you invite to your candle-lighting?
  • When Ben successfully taught his guest the Hanukkah story, he called it a miracle. What can you teach someone to do?
  • How would you answer the question at the end of the video: “What will you do to bring light to the world today?” Get ideas from this Hanukkah Gift Tree that helps spread the light of Hanukkah to others.

 Suggested Activities: