Homemade Handkerchief Matzah Cover for Passover

Amy Damast

Create a beautiful matzah cover to be used at your Passover seder for years to come. This activity is perfect for children ages 2-10.​



  • Handkerchief (white or other light color)
  • “Bleeding” tissue paper cut into 1” to 2” squares (To test if the tissue paper bleeds, place a small piece of tissue paper on a piece of regular white paper and drop water droplets on it. If the color bleeds from the tissue paper onto the paper, it will work for this project.)
  • Spray bottle with water
  • Optional: Stencil bearing the word “matzah” in English or Hebrew


  1. Write/stencil the word “matzah” onto the handkerchief with a permanent marker (if desired). (You can download and print this Hebrew stencil). Let dry.
  2. Dampen the handkerchief and place on a towel on a table or flat work surface.
  3. Place colorful bleeding tissue paper squares on the handkerchief. The tissue paper can be placed in a pattern or randomly, depending on preference and the age of the child.
  4. Spray the tissue paper with water, causing it to bleed into the handkerchief in a colorful design.
  5. Allow the handkerchief to dry completely, then discard the tissue paper.
  6. Place the handkerchief in a hot dryer (with no other clothing in it) to help set the dye.

It’s important to note that this dye is not permanent, so do not wash the handkerchief.

Place the handkerchief over your plate of matzah at your Passover seder for a fun, colorful addition to your holiday table. Wishing you a zissen Pesach!