Little Things You Can Do to "Pesadik" (Get Ready for Passover) Your Classroom or Home

Here are some ideas you can use to give your class or home that holiday feeling for Passover:

  • Put unbreakable Passover ritual objects (seder plate, Kiddush cup, etc) in the play housekeeping area along with play matzah and empty boxes of kosher for Passover food. A new set of play dishes can be provided just for Passover use.
  • Use small plastic frogs for counting and sorting.
  • Have little people, plastic domestic animals and tents available for wandering through the sand box or sand table.
  • Provide cups that float and little waterproof babies to go in them for water play.
  • Let children try their hand at pyramid building with Legos, Duplos or other building materials. Children can also break and use matzah pieces to build pyramids.
  • Adapt puppets to portray Pharaoh, Moses, Aaron and Miriam, or for dramatic play.
  • Put out a suitcase and encourage children to pack things that they would take if they had to leave home in a hurry.
  • Have head scarves and robes suitable for desert wear and sheets to make tents available for dress up and role playing.
  • Provide white modeling dough for pretend matzah making with brown markers to make the surface design you see in real matzah.