Six Word Passover Poetry

This activity can be done in the days or weeks leading up to Passover or during your seder with a group of any size. It’s appropriate for families, school-aged kids, chavruta (pairs of study partners), and individuals pondering the upcoming holiday.


  • Writing paper
  • Pencils or pens
  • Kitchen timer


  1. Distribute paper and a pen or pencil to each person.
  2. Set the timer for six minutes (or longer if younger children are participating).
  3. During the allotted time, each person writes a six-word poem related to Passover. For example, “So happy to be here again” or “Seder is too long, when is food?” or “Do not be sharp like matzah” or “Be sweet like charoset and wine”

When time’s up, people can, if they wish, share their poems, either with the whole group or with someone sitting near them.

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