Beyond Apples and Honey

The What, How, and Why of the High Holidays and PJ Library are pleased to offer you a unique opportunity to learn with Reform Rabbi Leora Kaye and Educator Stephanie Fink. 

In two online sessions, we explored  the ideas, themes, spiritual challenges, and opportunities Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur present to us – both as individuals and as parents. We hope that these sessions inspire you to prepare to make the High Holidays worthwhile and meaningful.

The sessions, which were recorded, are perfect for parents that are looking to learn a little more themselves, as well as to share and celebrate the High Holidays more fully with their children, parents and friends. 

This webinar presents practical information about Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur along with information about other ideas, rituals, and practices that can be meaningful for you and your family during this High Holiday season. The time together enabled us to discover connections between learning and experience.

Each class is made up of two sessions – the first was on September 7th, and the second was on September 14th. Each session was one hour long, and there were two times to choose from.

Missed the first class? Watch it now.

Missed the second class? Watch in now.